Siggraph sketch that never happened

Back in 2003, I submitted a sketch to Siggraph on my thesis work.  I had been working at Framestore for a few months, was waiting for the University to organise my viva and figured that if I got something accepted I might have a fighting chance of getting someone else to pay my airfare to San Diego.

Also our group never pushed people very hard to publish so all I had out there was a couple of work in progress papers, and since I wasn’t intending to pursue this work further it seemed a shame that there wasn’t anything out there describing my work in its final form (other than the dusty copies of the thesis sitting on my and the University’s bookshelves).

So I sent it off into the electronic submission system, got an id number, and never heard anything again—I assume it was rejected but who knows, maybe it was just lost in the system.

But for those who care, here it is.

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