Siggraph 2014 google calendars

To add to your google calendars, cut and paste the address for the calendar into the “Add a friend’s calendar” box in the “Other calendars” list on the left side of the google calendar page.

Let me know if you see any errors.  The schedule can change, and I endeavor to update these when I see changes.

  • Courses
  • Papers
    (And links to the papers)
  • Talks (including panels)
  • Special events
  • Birds of a feather

And maybe I’ll see you all in Vancouver for beers!

3 Comments on “Siggraph 2014 google calendars”

  1. Vil says:

    Thanks so much for providing these – they’re really handy!

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for this very helpful service! I noticed one possible bug; it appears that the Wed night Electronic Theater session is missing?

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